Giorbello Travel Series, Copper Chalet (11 Sq. Ft.)

$3.00 - $165.00
  • Tile Color: Penny Copper
  • Tile Finish: Stainless Steel
  • Sheet Size: 298.45mm x 311.15mm x 8mm (11 3/4" x 12 1/4" x 5/16")
  • Coverage Area: 11 Sq. Ft.
  • Tile Size: Diameter - 22.23mm (7/8")
  • Tile Thickness: 8mm (5/16")
  • Backing: Fiberglass Mesh
  • Number of Tiles: 11 Tiles

From the mountains to your home or business, Copper Chalet is perfect for bringing a modern, rustic touch to any space. Inspired by the cozy warm red shades of European chalets, this set features an array of disc-shaped tiles that resemble pennies, making it a perfect accent for any kitchen, bathroom, or office space.