Cristezza Glass Subway Tile (True Gray)

by Giorbello

Item #G5928

List Price: $90.00

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  • Very Popular Tile - Based on NYC Subway Tiles
  • Use Colors and Patterns to Make Your Own Design
  • Glass Resists Water, Ideal for Wet and Dry Areas

Cristezza Glass Subway Tile (True Gray)

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One of the biggest challenges with decorating your home is choosing the right décor and theme for your rooms and although anyone can choose a subway tile for installation; there are fewer people who can make the appropriate choice. Too often, novice decorators allow their enthusiasm to overcome common sense and so they opt for colors that are too bright or narrow in their compatibility with other color schemes.

These true grey subway tiles by Giorbello provides the best of both worlds, serving either as an effective decorative item by themselves or used in conjunction with other color schemes. Neutral in the extreme, their classic, understated elegance cannot be denied or overlooked!

  • Glass Tile Finish: Clear Glass with Baked Color Backing
  • Tile Size: 76mm x 152mm (3" x 6")
  • No. of Tiles/Sq. Ft.: 8 Tiles
  • Tile Thickness: 8mm (5/16")