Giorbello Glass Arabesque Tile, Light Gray

  • Tile Size: 3.9" Wide by 4.7" long
  • Sheet Size: 238mm x 248mm
  • Tile Thickness: 5/16" (8mm)
  • No. of Tiles per Sheet: 8 Tiles
  • Case Contents: 7 Square Feet (Case of 11 Sheets)
  • Glass Tile Finish: Clear Glass with Baked Color Backing

Glass tile gets a completely new look with an arabesque-designed pattern in a light gray color. The air of uniqueness is not just skin deep. Clear glass is sculpted then colored backing is baked on for exceptional performance in bathrooms and kitchens. Stalls, walls, bars, backsplashes and countless other areas will look stunning when decorated with this tile. Tired of wallpaper? Want something besides the straight lines most glass tile offers? Step up to arabesque in light gray.

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